Software ‘End of Life’

When software reaches ‘End of Life’ Even software has a use by date. So what should you do when software goes EOL? With the constant cycle of updates and incremental new versions of our favourite software, it’s understandable that not every version can remain supported forever. The process of putting a piece of software out Read More

Glossary of Cyber Scam terms

Do you know your Trojan from your Zombie? You may be mistaken in thinking we are talking about the latest Dr Who series, but no, these terms relate to Cyber Scams and awareness. When it comes to cyber security there are a multitude of phrases and acronyms to learn and remember that all mean different things. Smart Read More

A cyber awareness guide for SMEs

Technology is rapidly evolving, providing great opportunities for businesses to improve processes and communication, however it comes with its challenges as these constant changes also open up opportunities for criminals. To help you stay on top of the latest cyber threats and what you can do to protect yourself and your business online, we’ve pulled Read More

What is ‘Patching’?

What is ‘Patching’? ‘Patching’ or a ‘Patch’ is the term used for a software update.   What does a ‘Patch’ do? Patches can do any of the following things: Fix a software bug Install a new driver Address new security vulnerabilities Address software stability issues Upgrade the software It’s vitally important not to ignore these Read More