Introducing Data Encryption

Introducing Data Encryption from Smart Computers

At Smart Computers, we’ve boosted our Smart Protect service. Introducing Data Encryption.

Encryption has become a given-standard under the new General Data Protection Regulation that comes in to force in May 2018. The new regulation forces UK and EU businesses to implement security procedures to ensure that data is protected for both customers and employees and if you aren’t compliant by the deadline of 25th May 2018, under the GDPR, organisations could face fines of up to £20m or 4% turnover, whichever is higher.


Encryption is a key element

Within the guidance of the regulation, it states that ‘…the controller and processor [of data] shall implement appropriate technical and organisational measures to ensure a level of security appropriate to the risk.’ Including:

  • The pseudonymisation and encryption of personal data
  • Measures to ensure resilience of systems and services processing data
  • Measures that allow businesses to restore the availability and access to the data in the event of a breach
  • Frequent testing of the effectiveness of the security measures

Encryption is the easiest and safest way to secure data as required by the GDPR. Through our Silver partnership with ESET, we can bring you DESlock PRO, technology that protects any information that is vulnerable to theft or loss or could be exposed to risk.


Encryption helping to avoid penalties

A lost or stolen laptop or USB stick won’t lead to a penalty if it has been encrypted with a validated product. DESlock software has been helping organisations of all sizes to encrypt laptops, removable media, email and files for many years. Covering all Windows platforms from XP to Windows 10 and iOS from Version 7 and up.

Through Smart Computers, DESlock Encryption is designed to tackle the GDPR requirements in a simple and effective manner, helping make you compliant with minimal disruption to your business.


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