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    Rent a laptop for less than £2 a day with the Smart Rental Service. *Price is based on a monthly rental and excludes VAT, quotes may vary.

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Smart Computers offers the best choice of all the latest I.T rental equipment for long term hire or short term equipment rental. Whether you’re looking to rent a laptop or rent a projector for just 1 day, or you need a full business I.T. system for long term rental, we can help.

Why rent your I.T?

The question should be why buy when you can rent? More and more people are choosing to rent goods over purchasing – cars, property, mobile phones. But why rent I.T. equipment?

You may:

  • only need the item for a short period of time, for example a projector at a wedding or a laptop for an event or exhibition
  • want to try out I.T. equipment before you commit to buying, renting is the perfect way to see if it’s right for you
  • not want to fork out for expensive I.T. equipment that once you’ve bought, you find isn’t getting used
  • need lots of equipment to deliver a training course or for a time period where you know you will need additional resource

People and businesses rent for many reasons. Whatever your reason is for renting, Smart will make you feel confident you’ve made the right choice.

The benefits of I.T renting from Smart Computers:

  • Stay up to date – with renting you have the ability to always have the latest technology, without the expense of buying and throwing out obsolete equipment. You want it, we buy it, you rent it.
  • Reduce your environmental impact – renting your equipment from Smart means you only keep hold of the technology you need. No more unused or broken PCs, printers and keyboards lying around taking up space, and no more chucking out what’s not required, making your business more environmentally friendly.
  • Cope with fluctuating capacity – do you have busy periods where you need additional IT software to cope? We can be there at short notice with all the equipment you need, and once you’re finished, we’ll come and take it off your hands. No need to store unused equipment until it may be needed. Use us on demand.
  • Predictable monthly outgoings – we offer affordable I.T. rentals giving you and/or your business a predictable monthly outgoing, while providing you with all the equipment you need, as and when you need it.
  • Tax deductible expense – did you know that if you rent your IT equipment, all rental payments are 100% tax deductible in the year they are made and don’t appear on the balance sheet?
  • Flexible rental contracts – you can have the equipment you need, when and where you want it. From one projector and screen for a couple of hours at a conference to a full business IT system and if you need to extend or cut short the rental period, just let us know as required.
  • More than just rental – when you rent your IT equipment through Smart Computers, you’ll also get access to our expert over the phone support service as well as replacement and maintenance equipment should any hardware fail.

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Select the type of rental you require from the drop down list above (hover over the green bar at the top) and get a free quote. We’ll get back to as soon as we can. Remember, we are able to cater for most I.T. rental requirements, including the most technical and specific requests.