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    Data backup

Data Backup

Smart Backup Service

Our offsite data backup service allows you to select the files that you wish to be backed up remotely, on an hourly, daily, weekly basis – whichever meets your needs. You will be safe in the knowledge that should the unexpected happen and you lose this data, you will be able to recover it through Smart’s Backup service.

Our service provides a secure and scalable cloud backup for your critical data.


Why should you backup your data?

As more and more of us adopt a paperless environment, the result is that more and more important documents are held on laptops and desktops. Have you ever thought how much losing your hardware or data would affect you? For some this would be frustrating, for others devastating. Especially in business.

The primary purpose of a backup is to enable you to recover data after it’s been lost, deleted or corrupted, however another benefit is that it enables you to recover data from an earlier time.

Information or data on your computer could be lost, if:

  • The hard drive in your computer fails
  • The data on your computer is corrupted for a variety of reasons
  • Your computer is lost or stolen
  • Your computer is in a fire or other environmental event
  • A virus infects your computer and deletes or corrupts your files

What should be backed up?

The price you will pay for backing up your data, will depend on the size of the files that you wish to back up. You should as a minimum backup any information that is critical or irreplaceable to you. Consider not only the documents folders where you store the files you create, but also your Web browser bookmarks, contacts databases, and files stored on your desktop.

  • Students should consider making a daily back up of assignments they are working on.
  • Businesses should back up copies of files they are creating as they work on them.

Although it’s not always appropriate to back up copies of programs you’ve installed, you should always keep hold of the installation disks or files to enable you to reinstall programs that you own.


How does backup work?

There are a number of backup options available to your through the Smart backup service. We will discuss your requirements with you and advise on the best method that meets your needs. Setting up and managing the backup process can be a complicated, which is where the experts at Smart Computers come in. We will set up and maintain your backup on your behalf, leaving you confident that your data is safe. You only pay for the data that you want backed up via a simple and affordable monthly pricing plan that will be created just for you. The service is scalable with your requirements and can be changed at any time as your requirements change.


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