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IT Security Advice

Concerned about how tight your Business IT security is?

Need some advice on improving your IT processes?

Suffered from an IT attack or hack and want to prevent it happening again?

Just want to be more cyber aware?

Then get in touch. As technology evolves, sadly too does the risk of becoming a victim of cyber-crime. It’s no secret that every day thousands of computers worldwide are attacked by cyber criminals taking advantage of the online world to deceive, hack and steal. Unfortunately, it’s now just the world we live in.  Cybercrime is significant, and its growing year on year. These attacks can have a devastating impact on business, both reputational and/or financial.

At Smart Computers we offer an IT Security Advice service where we will review your current technology, processes and systems and make recommendations on where there may be opportunities to tighten security. Implementing a few simple security processes can make a significant difference in reducing your chances of becoming victim.

The Smart IT Security Advice Service

One of our expert technical engineers will discuss your current business and IT infrastructure with you, asking jargon-free questions in order to get an in-depth understanding of your business, your needs, concerns and growth plans for the business to help us determine the best options for improvement.

If required, we’ll come out to your business at a time that suits you and carry out a detailed analysis of your security measures.

We’ll then arrange a call or meeting with you to run through the identified outcomes, putting a plan in place for agreed implementation, answering any questions you have along the way making sure you have a clear understanding and awareness of what is being discussed at all times.

Following the audit, there is absolutely no obligation to use Smart’s services. You will be free to use the information we provide to understand your IT infrastructure in more depth and to make informed decisions about your existing and future IT strategy and spend.

The Security options Smart Computers provide

At Smart Computers, on a daily basis we see the range of threats that affect businesses in a number of forms, be it through prevention or recovery, and we provide products and services to combat and reduce these risks:

  • Prevention – through our Smart Protect services we prevent attacks daily that our business customers are often never aware of
  • Filtering – we provide an email filtering service that scans and filters out threats by integrating powerful anti-spam and anti-virus products behind the scenes so spam and potentially risky emails never reach you
  • Encryption – we offer a suite of data encryption tools designed to protect you and your business in the event of loss or theft of a USB stick or laptop
  • Backup – select the files you wish to be backed up remotely, on an hourly/daily/weekly basis and you’ll be safe in the knowledge that should you lose this data, you will be able to recover it
  • Monitoring – we provide 24/7 monitoring of your Microsoft Windows network, detecting warning signs of potential problems before you are even aware there is a problem, we take preventative action on your behalf before your network and user productivity is reduced
  • Support – in the event that you are victim of cybercrime, you can access our remote support desk who will investigate the threat and provide you with advice

We stay on top of the latest threats and security measures, so you don’t have to. We constantly review and add to our range of products and services, to ensure we are providing the best products that are combating the most sophisticated cyber crimes.

Our aim is to provide your business with Information, Technology and Network protection within your budget and without limiting the functionality of your work, arming you with jargon-free knowledge and the tools you need to defend your business against cybercrime.

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