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Remote Support testimonials

Remote Support Testimonials

Anonymous Small/Medium Business – July 2017 

“We’ve been customers of Smart for some time and use their remote support service. We recently had to contact the team to add a new user. The process was straightforward, they were easy to contact, we didn’t have to wait and they provided very efficient help and support. We’d definitely recommend to other businesses.”


Steve Sasanow, Knighton Enterprises Ltd – July 2017

“Smart Computers provide us with monthly remote support. I recently had to call the help desk after a problem with outlook crashing. The engineers I spoke with were helpful and friendly, they always do the job. We find it’s the best way to spend £30 per month from the business perspective (for 3 users) as computers are essential even if just providing info storage. We would recommend Smart Computers to others whether for business or personal use.” 


Chris Ball, MBA Associates – June 2017

“I was having trouble logging in, so contacted the Smart remote support help desk as I have an account with them. The technician was quick to deal with my call, they were helpful, friendly and experienced. They knew exactly what to do. Having used Smart for some time, they provided me with the service that I have come to expect and were as good as ever.”


Patricia Flynn, JM Contracting Ltd – June 2017

“We use Smart Computers for their remote support service and recently had to call them as we were having issues with our WiFi connection. The technician we spoke to was very quick to respond, experienced, helpful and friendly. We were very satisfied with the Smart remote service and wouldn’t expect anything else from the team, highly recommend.”


Sali Green, Iwork4uglos, Owner – January 2017

 “I subscribed for IT support and have already made plenty of use of being signed up with Smart Computers. I always get through on the phone to someone who can assist me straight away. Smart Computers have sorted out every problem I’ve had and everything has been running smoothly since. They also ordered in the hard drive I needed and showed me how to use it. They are great and I am a happy customer!”


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