Corporate Charity | CCP

Who are CCP? What is their purpose?

CCP (Caring for Communities and People) exists to improve the lives of children, young people, families and vulnerable adults who have multiple and complex needs. Their priority is to those who have been excluded or have excluded themselves from mainstream services. They work in partnership with the person and other agencies to create a sustainable and portable package of care and support networks. This enables them to realise their aspirations and reach their full potential in life, regardless of the life into which they were born.

What is their mission?


  • Promote and support healthy living
  • Help maintain a safe and stable home environment
  • Encourage and support learning and achievement
  • Promote respect and positive social behaviour
  • Encourage personal economic sustainability
  • Provide both crisis and preventative services

What are their beliefs?


  • People should not be disadvantaged by the life into which they are born.
  • Everyone has the power to change their lives for the better, but some may need help on the way.
  • They believe in the value of preventative work, because crisis damages people
  • Volunteering enriches peoples’ lives
  • They believe in a strong non rejection, non-exclusion culture

What services do they provide?

CCP offer many services in Gloucestershire and the South West.

  • All of the services offered by CCP are provided free of charge to all who need them
  • Based on working in partnership with people they find positive solutions to their problems
  • They offer the highest quality support, delivered by trained staff and volunteers who are passionate about improving people’s lives
  • They are flexible to meet the needs of each individual

What have they achieved in the last 12 months?

  • 778 people were supported to access the correct advice
  • £102,190 worth of gifts and food were donated during the 2015 Hamper Scamper campaign
  • 770 juveniles and vulnerable adults with mental health problems and learning difficulties had their rights upheld when in police custody
  • 800 food parcels were distributed to people living on the edge of poverty
  • 299 adults at risk of homelessness were supported to achieve independent living
  • 850 adults had their voices heard and their rights upheld by advocates
  • 150 high-risk young people not in education, employment or training were supported to live independently
  • 38,160 hours were given by volunteers, worth £500k
  • 220 homeless young people were supported to achieve sustainable independent living
  • 1014 people received advice on debt, benefits, housing, welfare and financial inclusion

By supporting CCP, we at Smart Computers are giving back to our local community through donating important funds, gifts and food, raising awareness amongst our community and sharing our business and technological skills with both CCP and the people they help. We’re proud to be able to support such a great charity.

For more information about CCP. Take a look at their website.