Spilt liquid on your laptop? Act now with these steps

What to do if you spill liquid on your laptop Working from home can bring with it additional complications and risks that you perhaps wouldn’t experience in an office environment. Couple that with children being home-schooled and using your tech more than usual – accidents like spillages are more likely to occur (we talk from Read More

What to do when your Laptop breaks

Having a broken laptop can be a genuinely stressful time, particularly if you keep a lot of professional or personal data or images on there. When you add the cost of repairing or replacing it on top, it’s natural to feel a genuine sense of loss. However, before you lose all hope, it’s worth knowing Read More

USB memory sticks in business

Whose memory stick is it anyway? USB use poses a unique problem. Most are personal property and contain personal data yet have found their way into daily use in just about every organisation, despite the fact that many can carry malware infections, they can be easily lost or stolen and putting data of any kind Read More

Which rental laptop is for me?

A Core i3 vs i5 vs i7 When choosing which of our Rental Laptops or Rental Computers is right for you, you have the choice of the following processors: Core i3, Core i5 and a Core i7 But how do you know which option to choose? Firstly, let’s start by explaining what a processor is. Read More

Glossary of Cyber Scam terms

Do you know your Trojan from your Zombie? You may be mistaken in thinking we are talking about the latest Dr Who series, but no, these terms relate to Cyber Scams and awareness. When it comes to cyber security there are a multitude of phrases and acronyms to learn and remember that all mean different things. Smart Read More

Renting – the future for businesses

Renting – the future for businesses Nowadays renting is the norm. The preferred option for many people and businesses over making expensive purchases. Property, mobile phones, cars, tools – the costly commodities that you just don’t want to commit to having…forever! UK economic uncertainty is a top priority for many businesses and protecting the balance Read More

What does a computer virus actually do?

No doubt you’ve heard of a computer virus, you may have been on the unfortunate end of one or know someone who has, but what is it and how can you prevent your PC from getting one? We’ve pulled together a useful summary with some hints and tips to help you out… What is a Read More