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Projector Hire & Rentals

Short term projector rental

Smart Computers have been offering a projector rental service to hundreds of individuals and businesses throughout the UK for over 20 years. Whether you need to hire a projector for the day, or are looking for a longer duration, we can help.


What spec projector do you need for your requirements?:

Depending on the space that you are wanting to project in, whether it’s indoors or outdoors, you will need to choose the correct projector for your needs. Projectors are ranked by their brightness levels, also known as Lumens. Brighter rooms need a projector with a higher lumens. Classrooms and conference rooms for example ideally should have 2,500 lumens or more. If you are projecting large images, you will want a projector with a higher brightness rating, typically 3,000 lumens would suffice.

We provide 3 main types of projector available for rental:

  • Short-throw projector rental- see section below
  • 3,000 lumens projectors
    • this is our entry level projector
  • 4,000 lumens projectors
    • we have limited supply of 4,000 lumens projectors

At an additional charge, we are able to supply screens and simple speakers and amps for sound.

Why rent a laptop?

Renting a projector is a cost effective solution for a short term need, without the cost and depreciation of purchasing and finding somewhere to store it for that ‘what if’ moment.

There are many reasons why people choose to rent such as:

  • a wedding, either during the reception or speeches
  • an anniversary – either corporate or wedding
  • a party
  • a birthday celebration
  • an event
  • a training course
  • delivering a presentation
  • festival organisation
  • a special screening
  • to promote a product launch
  • or on a stand at a conference

To name just a few, all of which our rental service is perfect for.

Cost effective solution

Our cost effective Projector rental service is available from as little as £10.00 a day based on a weekly hire. We can courier at short notice across the country and provide a free delivery service in Cheltenham. We can also provide screens and audio equipment if required, just let us know using the free quote button. Please note: We can only deliver projector screens to locations within a 1 hours drive from Gloucestershire.

We will provide you with a discounted rate if you are looking to hire a laptop and a projector at the same time.

We have in stock a wide range of different makes and models, both suitable for use with VGA, HDMI and connections for MAC’s.


Short Throw Projectors For Hire

Are you conducting a big screen presentation and need a projector but are limited with space?

At Smart Computers we have recently added Short Throw Projectors to our range of projectors that you can hire.

What is a Short Throw Projector?

Short Throw Projectors work at a closer range to the screen in comparison to Long Throw Projectors. They typically have larger lenses that create a shallow depth of field, which means you can replicate the same sized image as a Long Throw Projector, at a much shorter distance.

Not all occasions require Short Throw Projectors however many homes, business’s and education systems can benefit from them where room space is limited.

What are the benefits?

Using a Short Throw Projector means that you can remain close to your laptop or computer, instead of having to position them at the back of the room. Other benefits include:

  • Harder for people to cast shadows over the screen during projection
  • Shorter cables which reduce the risk of trip hazards
  • Less likely to be blinded by the projector light whilst delivering presentations
  • Can be used in rooms where space is an issue including classrooms, meeting rooms and small trade shows
  • Ease of use, portable and lightweight


At Smart we know that projectors can bring a number of benefits to your business or personal event.  Our Short Throw Projectors are competitively priced and a cost effective alternative to buying, especially for short-term events and engagements. Whether you’re looking to enhance your business presentations or boost visibility at your next trade show booth, Short Throw Projectors can help produce larger, more engaging communication without the limitation of space.

Click the free quote button below to get in touch with our team of IT experts to find out how you could benefit from hiring a Short Throw Projector today.