Calling all Festival organisers

Calling all UK Festival organisers! Summer has officially started, which means the festival season you have meticulously been planning for has too! And what amazing weather to kick it all off.

We know that organising a festival requires a lot of preparation, planning and resources – including equipment – that’s where our IT rental service can help!

We’ve got festival history

We have been renting our IT equipment to various festival organisers across the UK for years. This has included the iconic Glastonbury Festival and more localised Cheltenham Festivals to name but a few.

All the choice you need

We have a wide range of equipment that includes Laptops, Desktops, iPads, Printers and Projectors. If you need iPads for ticket sales, laptops to set up strobe lighting, or projectors to bring your tents to life, we’ve got you covered. We’ll deliver the equipment to the venue, and even set it up for you if you want us too. We’re here to save you time, money and hassle.

Smart offer short term rentals from one day to 3 months, and longer term for 3 months or more. We can cope with your demand requirements, providing different stock levels at different times that work with your schedules.

Great price AND service

All our equipment is competitively priced. If you find a better quote elsewhere, we will match it! Renting can eliminate large upfront costs and give you the most up to date equipment.

Think you’ve left it too late?

Panic not – we have stock ready and waiting to ship out to you at short notice, often the very next day if you need it! Get in touch for your festival IT needs, we’ll always try to accommodate every request.

If you are a UK festival organiser, organising a festival or know someone who is get in touch with us today. We can take one less worry off your hands and help you throw the best festival this summer.

Happy Festival season.