Are you running courses over the Summer?

University finals are over and the extra curricular crash courses are underway!

IT equipment can be difficult for Universities to supply for summer programmes, especially if students typically supply their own for most of the year and the summer students don’t. Second hand laptops are an option, however you may not be able to get the quantity you require at short notice, and most likely they won’t all have the same spec. In addition, once the summer courses are finished, what do you do with all the equipment once the courses have finished? Store them and take up valuable space? Sell them for a fraction of what you paid?

The Smart Rental service

By taking advantage of our Smart Rental service you can rent laptops and desktops and even printers and projectors quickly and affordably to cope with the demand. The benefit of renting means you have no upfront costs or unnecessary equipment to store when it’s not needed. You know that the equipment meets certain standards and will all be in good, working order. Renting is cheaper and more cost efficient than buying and is therefore also easier to fit with school budgets.

Install the software you need

You can install any software that your course requires on all of our IT equipment to help you lead your course the way you want to. We even offer a set up service, where will will bring the equipment to your door and set it all up so your students are ready to switch on, and learn! Our range includes HP, Acer, Toshiba and Fujistu and we also offer Apple Mac products for more design led programmes. We have a range of specs to meet your needs.

Smart Computers can provide rental solutions of all sizes from a single laptop to a complete suite of systems. We have a network of dedicated couriers ready to fly around the country at any time and in many cases equipment can be delivered to you the very next day.

Contact us to get a free quote and see how we can offer laptop rentals from just £2 per day. Whether you need to hire one laptop or 20+ we can help you!