Why rent a laptop?

Why rent a laptop?

When it comes to buying a new laptop most people and businesses dread the upfront financial outlay of a new machine and are more than aware that from the moment they have made the purchase, technology will be moving on. Choosing the right laptop with the most amount of memory, battery life and RAM can feel like a minefield.

A laptop isn’t just a computer – it’s a work space, an entertainment hub, a social network. Buying a laptop can be a big deal that requires a lot of thought and planning – or does it?

With a growing trend to rent laptops rather than buy them, we look at the reasons why you shouldn’t part with your hard-earned cash straight away, explore the benefits of renting and look at a price comparison of both options.

Rent Vs Buying

The financial implications

When you rent a laptop you don’t have to part with a large sum of money upfront. You can spread the payments out monthly in affordable instalments for the length of time you want the rental for. Whether that’s 6 months or 3 years.

Technical Support

When you buy a laptop from a retailer you are of course offered the ‘bolt on’ technical support service. This usually only lasts for a fixed period, after which time you are required to pay a monthly or on a pay as you go basis. This can often be expensive.

A massive bonus to hiring a laptop from Smart Computers is that the rental deal includes free unlimited, remote support (when renting for 3 months or more) – an absolute lifesaver if something goes wrong when you least expect it or you simply have a technical question that is driving you nuts. We’re just at the end of the phone.

Temporary Use

Hiring a laptop is ideal if you know that you only need one for a short amount of time. Perhaps you’re waiting for your laptop to be fixed (we do that too by the way) or you’re in between jobs and need one to see you through for a few weeks – renting could be for you.

Alternatively you may be an employer who only recruits seasonal staff or upscales and downscales throughout the year, renting laptops is a very cost effective and hassle free way of kitting out your office allowing you to better manage cash flow and stock.

Try before you buy

If you’re unsure about which laptop spec is right for you, or you want to try a different brand perhaps an HP, Lenovo or Dell laptop vs a Mac, renting could be a good way to try one of the models out before you invest.

There’s a lot to be said for renting a laptop rather than buying, both financially and when it comes to technical support with the added benefit of flexibility.

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