The ideal partner for Production Companies

As you may have read in our previous articles, renting a laptop has many advantages over buying – especially for businesses who need to scale up and/or down their IT requirements regularly; or for companies who need a large number of machines in one go, would rather spread the cost and have peace of mind that they are also benefiting from IT support whenever it is required.

Here at Smart Computers, we love what we do and enjoy helping a variety of businesses with all their IT needs.

We have worked on a variety of interesting projects throughout the years, one of which was for BBC Earth. The production team required a large number of laptops in order to create a temporary office on location that was crucial for outside broadcasts.

Zoe Beresford, production co-ordinator at BBC Earth said, “In order to set up a temporary office on location for outside broadcasting, we required short term rental of additional IT equipment to be used while we set up filming for a TV programme. We rented a number of items, laptops with office and anti-virus installed and printers.”

We work with many well known TV and Film production companies. Their requirements are such that they often require IT equipment off site, for a set period of time, pre, during and post filming. Renting is the ideal solution for production companies. You can hire the equipment you need, when you need it and delivered to the location you need it at! We’ll even come out and set up for you if that’s something you need. And when you’re done, you don’t have to lug it back to base, we’ll either come and collect it or send one of our couriers to pick it up on location. Simple. No more buying equipment that isn’t regularly in use, depreciating in value.

Smart Computers can provide the IT solutions that you need whether you are planning an off-site event and require laptops and projectors or a mobile design studio and need a whole bunch of Apple Macs, we are the one-stop shop for all things IT.

Please get in touch with your requirements, no matter how big, small or unusual and we can help.