The importance of Disaster Recovery Planning and Data back up

OVH fire

On Wednesday, 10th March 2021, a huge fire occurred at European cloud computing giant, OVH, offices. The fire has destroyed one of its Strasbourg data centres and damaged another. As a precautionary measure they closed two other data centres located at the same site. Luckily no one was hurt in the fire.

The ‘big three’ data centres are typically listed as AWS, Azure and Google Cloud, with OVH being one of the next biggest. With 27 data centres globally, 15 of which are based in Europe, they are a predominant figure in the world of cloud data.

The blaze is thought to have taken more than 3.5 million websites offline, causing huge repercussions for many businesses who were advised to activate their disaster recovery plans. Such a disaster highlighted the fact that many of these businesses didn’t have any recovery plans in place, leaving them exposed. European Government Bodies and some banks were still offline some 15 hours after the fire took place. Some found that when they were back online, that they had lost ALL their data, unable to be restored.

Don’t rely solely on the cloud

One of the biggest lessons learnt as a result of yesterday’s fire is that despite all the benefits that cloud computing brings, companies are still putting all their trust in a third-party’s infrastructure, which is why having a robust disaster recovery plan — including data backups — is so important.

Disaster Recovery Planning and Data back up from Smart

What would you do in this situation?

Do you have plans in place if you had to respond to a disaster concerning your IT and data?

At Smart we provide independent advice, an extended part of your IT team or a complete outsourced solution. We will review your IT infrastructure and recovery plans and help you build robust systems to avoid loss of data, getting you back up and running in the event that something unavoidable occurs out of your control.

We can put Disaster Recovery Plans in place for you so you can be safe in the knowledge that should the unexpected occur, you have a plan of how to respond.

We also provide a number of different back-up solutions depending on your business size, the data you hold and the infrastructure of your IT. We’ll discuss your budget and explain the options you have to keep your data safe and secure.

For a no obligation chat about your disaster recovery plans, or data back up solutions, give us a call on 01242 580654.