Spotlight on Technical Director, Will Rendell

Here Will Rendell, our Technical Director shares his journey with us as Smart’s longest standing member of staff at 23 years in.

‘I joined Smart back in June 1998, two years after they began trading. I had been working as a plumber but had always had a self-confessed passion for computers and wanted a change of career – quite a big change! I joined the business when they offered purely computer rentals which was really successful for the company at the time.

With my passion for technology, I knew we could do more as a business to support a wider range of customers with their technical needs. I was keen to expand and develop the business with Tim’s support, and introduce new services that I thought would benefit our rental customers and attract new customers.

The first thing we added was Internet services, providing Internet connections to our customers. This was a natural progression as we found ourselves answering customer queries regularly regarding the service they were getting from third party suppliers. We knew this was something we could provide ourselves, and a better service at that. As more customers contacted us about different issues they were facing with other elements of their IT being provided elsewhere, we continued to expand and offer these services ourselves, aiming to keep everything IT under one roof.

The business grew and grew. We continue to take this approach, as new developments occur in the market and more technology is introduced, we adapt and alter our services to support all areas of IT. This is something we will continue to do, meaning we really are a one stop shop for the customers we serve.

We also expanded out of the region. Today we provide a remote technical service wherever our customers are based in the UK. We now have customers ranging from Scotland down to the South Coast and everywhere in between.  

Still to this day we never take things for granted and are humbled by our success. We make sure that we are always on top of the latest trends and innovations, seeking to improve and stay ahead of the game for our customers.

After 8 years with Smart, I became Technical Director in 2006. I still love my job as much as I did on the day I joined. No two days are the same. A huge amount goes on behind the scenes that our customers will never see to keep their businesses functioning. We are often told by our customers that they couldn’t do their jobs without us, and that we are the backbone to their business. This brings huge amounts of job satisfaction. I am immensely proud of how far we’ve come and what we continue to do. We have a great, loyal team and hope to be celebrating for many more years to come.

I don’t go to work, I go to play.’

William Rendell
Technical Director