Do you have a HTTP website?

Then you need to know about this…

Chrome blogged earlier this month (but it has only really surfaced in the last few days), that they are going to be firmer from January 2017 in flagging websites that they deem to be not secure.

Whilst it would seem that those sites that require passwords or logins are likely to be first affected, it will likely affect all sites in time.

What does insecure mean?

A site that does not have a security licence and is http and not https. This is the layman’s interpretation. From initial digging a security licence looks to cost in the region of £200/£300 and conversion to https is not straight forward but should not cost more than a few hundred pounds, but this depends on the levels of complexity of your site and who you use to do the update.

How important is Chrome?

Very. If you track google analytics on your website, you will be able to view which browser your visitors will typically use. This will give you a good guide to how you will be affected.

It’s worth this information being on your radar and for you to start having a look in to costs and implications of adding a security licence to your site.