Renting – the future for businesses

Renting – the future for businesses

Nowadays renting is the norm. The preferred option for many people and businesses over making expensive purchases. Property, mobile phones, cars, tools – the costly commodities that you just don’t want to commit to having…forever!

UK economic uncertainty is a top priority for many businesses and protecting the balance sheet and overheads plays a huge part in their stability. Many Managing Directors and CEOs are choosing a fluid and scalable structure to cope with change in growth, whether up or down. Office space, fleets, parking spaces even staff are managed on a temporary basis.

Why rent your IT equipment?

Take a look around your office. Do you have out of date equipment, faulty items, piles of unwanted IT equipment taking up limited storage space, laptops, projectors and computers being held on to for that ‘just in case’ moment that rarely comes around? These are a thing of the past when you rent.

  • You may be starting out and don’t know how much equipment you need, or have the funds to buy lots of IT equipment up front
  • You may only need IT equipment for a short period of time – training or exhibiting for example
  • You may want to try out IT equipment before you commit to buying it, renting is the perfect way to see if it’s right for you
  • You may have periods throughout your business year where you know you will have an influx of work and hire temps to cover this period. Rather than buying your IT equipment, rent it, then give it back


The benefits of renting:

If the reasons above aren’t enough of a reason to make you think about renting, take a look at some of the benefits you could be missing out on

  • Stay up to date – with renting you have the ability to always have the latest technology, without the expense of buying and throwing out obsolete equipment.
  • Reduce your environmental impact – renting your equipment means you only keep hold of the technology you need. No more unused or broken PCs, printers and keyboards lying around taking up space, and no more chucking out what’s not required, making your business more environmentally friendly.
  • IT equipment on demand – You can rent IT equipment at short notice to cope with a change in business volumes. Once you’re finished with it, you can simply send it back.
  • Predictable monthly outgoings – You can tailor your IT rental package so it meets your needs and gives you a predictable monthly outgoing. Providing you with all the equipment you need, as and when you need it.
  • Tax deductible expense – did you know that if you rent your IT equipment, all rental payments are 100% tax deductible in the year they are made and don’t appear on the balance sheet? It’s true.
  • Flexible rental contracts – you can order the equipment you need, and get it delivered when and where you want it. From one projector and screen for a couple of hours at a conference to a full business IT system and if you need to extend or cut short the rental period, you can.
  • If its faulty… just pick up the phone and the rental equipment will either be fixed or a replacement will be delivered, free of charge. You don’t get that when you buy.
  • Free help desk at the end of the phone – with Smart Computers, when you rent your IT equipment, you’ll also get access to expert over the phone support.

Renting your IT is a cost effective, flexible solution that is the way forward for business.

Smart Computers can offer the best choice of all the latest IT equipment for long term hire or short term rental.

Whether you are looking to rent a laptop or projector for just 1 day, or you need a full business I.T. system for long term rental, we can help.

Know exactly what you want? Get in touch. We are able to cater for most IT rental requirements, including the most technical and specific requests.

Need help deciding? We can offer practical advice that ensures you get the most from your IT equipment in the most cost effective way. Give us a call on 01242 580654.

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