Protect your mailbox!

There are 3.8 billion mailbox users worldwide. In today’s business environment, you’d be hard pushed to operate effectively without the heavy reliance on your daily email exchanges. They form an integral and effective form of communication regardless of your business size.

Over 281 billion emails are sent every single day, which has made them the number one target for cyber criminals.

This begs the question – are you doing what you can to protect and backup your mailboxes?

Mailbox add-ons

There are a number of extremely cost effective options available to boost your business security, backup and productivity.


There’s a common misconception that the mailbox built-in security tools are enough to block the majority of cyber-attacks. However, the truth is that the majority of mailbox deployments rely on third-party tools to fill gaps in cyber security breaches. This is because with cyber-attacks rapidly becoming more sophisticated, taking a layered security approach is the best way to ensure you have 360 degrees mailbox protection.

Problem: “I keep receiving phishing emails and spam”

Solution: More advanced threats can slip through the net of standard mailbox protection, an additional layer of security will ensure any potentially malicious emails will be stopped before they reach the recipient.


Similar to security, mailboxes don’t back up your data by default. Ensuring you have a suitable backup solution in place is vital. Backup isn’t just for local PC’s either, and cloud users may lose their files a lot more often than you think. Having a backup solution is the only way to ensure any critical business data is always stored safely.

Problem: “Help, I’ve lost all my data”

Solution: Even with all the security measures in place to stop ransomware threats, hardware failure and human error are the top two reasons for data loss, meaning the only way to ensure data is protected is by using a backup solution.


With the ever-evolving world of technology and employee’s needs, the businesses we support are more conscious than ever before to work effectively and collaboratively using the correct tools to keep up with demand, for example syncing all devices.

Problem: “I want to ensure all my devices are in sync, so that I can work remotely”

Solution: By using an integrated, productivity solution, you can have the ability to work remotely, knowing that all your devices will be synced up and everything is in one place.

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