CCP have rebranded

CCP corporate charity of the year


Our charity of the year, CCP, have rebranded!

On 4th July, our charity of the year, CCP rebranded. The charity were formerly known as County Community Projects, often referred to as CCP for short. Although still referred to as CCP, the name behind the letters has changed to ‘Caring for Communities and People’.

The rebrand also involves the refresh of the figures incorporated in the logo to better reflect the people that CCP support.  CCP CEO, Cordell Ray, said: ‘Whilst this rebrand is very much evolution rather than revolution we are still delighted with our new brand identity.  Over the years we have built up awareness of CCP but more often than not of the initials rather than the name. This was the rationale behind keeping the CCP letters.  We have found that increasingly the name County Community Projects didn’t reflect what we did and that we were having to explain the name then the work we do.

The phrase Caring for Communities and People sums up superbly our work and what motivates all of our staff and volunteers on a day to day basis.  We have been planning this rebrand for some time now which means that we have been able to run down stocks of most of our material, which has kept the costs of the rebrand to a minimum.  We have also been able to place most of the work connected with the rebrand with local businesses, which is only fitting given we are so well supported by the business community.

Lastly but by no means least, I am delighted to say we have been working with one of the young people in our supported accommodation who has co-ordinated this project for us. This is no mean feat given the complexity of the project and is a great example of how young people can have a very positive impact and transition into paid work.’

We love the new logo and are proud to continue to support CCP as our charity of the year.