What to do when your Laptop breaks

Having a broken laptop can be a genuinely stressful time, particularly if you keep a lot of professional or personal data or images on there. When you add the cost of repairing or replacing it on top, it’s natural to feel a genuine sense of loss. However, before you lose all hope, it’s worth knowing that there are steps you can take to either give the laptop a new lease of life or retain some of its value.

It’s true that some technical knowledge is required as well as a willingness to put in some time and effort, but it might just be worth it if you can save some of your investment and data.

Make sure it’s beyond repair

Firstly you need to ensure that the laptop is broken beyond repair. By seeking professional help with your laptop repair, you may be surprised at how easily is can be resurrected. If you need a laptop while it is being assessed and/or repaired, Smart Computers offer a discounted laptop rental service to keep you going during the interim period. Even if the laptop is beyond repair or will cost too much to fix, you might want to consider renting a laptop while you decide which new model you want to buy. Where can I rent a laptop for a week?

Transform it into a ‘PC-in-a-Keyboard’

If the laptop’s external components (the screen, keyboard, hinge) are broken but the processor and hard drive are still working, you can turn it into a new device. By taking the internal parts out and putting them into a standalone PC keyboard which connects to a monitor, you can create a PC.

Use the display as a standalone monitor

If the LCD display is still working but the rest of the laptop is broken, then you can use it with another PC or laptop as an additional monitor. This can help you to multitask and improve your productivity. You will need to remove the LCD panel and attach it to a controller board.

Repurpose the hard drive

If the laptop’s hard drive is still functional, then you can remove it and use it as an external hard drive with another PC or laptop. You can try this even if you don’t know whether or not the hard drive is still working and you can also buy hard drive enclosures or cases to fit it.

Sell it for parts

The worst case scenario is that you cannot salvage any functionality from the laptop. However, even in this instance you can sell the individual parts to try and recoup some money. There are lots of people who are in the market to buy old laptop parts. For example, the screen, memory, motherboard, power adapter can all be sold individually.

If you do sell the laptop, it’s important to remember that you need to remove and destroy the hard drive. If you can’t sell the laptop or any of its parts, recycling it is your best option.


Smart Computers provide a laptop repair service at their Head Office in Cheltenham. Or alternatively, you can rent/hire a laptop from us wherever you live in the UK, for as long as it takes for yours to be fixed. We provide a next day delivery service to minimise your downtime. Get in touch with the team for more information.

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