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Altaro – Virtual Machine Backup

We are Silver Partners for Altaro. This means that we have acquired and displayed the levels of competency in matching the solution to our customers’ needs.

Altaro VM Backup is a fast, affordable, high performance backup solution, specially developed for small and mid-market businesses.  We can give you an agile, streamlined solution that’s easy to implement, feature-rich, with outstanding support included.

Altaro VM Backup is designed to give you the power you need, without the hassle and steep learning curve.

Powerful functionality, easy to use. Offsite backup replication (with WAN acceleration), granular restore options for individual files and Exchange items, automated backup verification, and more!
Continuous Data Protection (CDP). VMs can be backed up as frequently as every 5 minutes, ensuring that in a data loss scenario, only a few minutes of data are lost, significantly optimizing the Recovery Point Objective (RPO).
Flexibility without the complexities – Simply drag and drop selected VMs to your chosen backup schedules and retention policies
Cloud Management Console. Ground-breaking cloud based tool to centrally monitor and manage all your Altaro VM Backup installations from a single online console.

Best deduplication in the industry – Augmented Inline Deduplication
Altaro VM Backup with Augmented Inline Deduplication drastically reduces your storage requirements for your backup repository. When compared to other vendors, it is the best deduplication in the industry creating the smallest backup size. Our deduplication runs across all backup jobs, you don’t need to group virtual machines together (no use of post processing). Requiring the least amount of backup space is only one of the benefits. Augmented Inline Deduplication also improves backup and restore speed.

Much lower storage requirements. When compared to other vendors Altaro creates the smallest backup size!
Faster backup and restore speed (less data to transfer)
Savings on storage requirements continue to improve as more VM backups are added
Augmented Inline Deduplication doesn’t tax server performance
Best deduplication in the industry not only for creating the smallest backup size but uses Variable Block Size for best efficiency.
Grandfather-Father-Son Archiving (GFS). In addition to your continuous and daily backups, you can also archive different backup versions by setting up separate backup cycles to store a new backup version every week, every month and every year.

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