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Email Filtering

Did you know that almost 90% of emails received are spam?

At Smart Computers, we offer a hosted email service through SmartFish. A service that scans and filters out threats by integrating powerful anti-spam and anti-virus products.

SmartFish Scanner will dramatically cut down the amount of unsolicited mail received by you or your organisation. By redirecting your mail through the scanners, Smart’s servers will check all of your incoming and outgoing mail against well-known spam lists and virus definitions stopping the spam before it gets to you.

Unwanted Spam can waste you and/or your company time and money. How many of your employees spend time reading and deleting unwanted emails? The cost of ongoing IT security to fight all types of malware and viruses will continue to increase as spam continues to be used as the main entry point on to company networks.


So how does it all work?

  • Your Email Exchange (MX) records are pointed to Smarts’ SmartFish servers
  • Mail is passed through the server to be cleaned
  • At this point the SmartFish scanner, compares your mail against well-known spam and virus lists, and are given points
  • Mails that are marked as high are stopped in their tracks!
  • After the scanning process your mail is tagged and forwarded to your mail servers
  • A member of your staff, will be given administrator access to check tagged mail
  • Any mail that is tagged incorrectly, can be freed and redelivered to you

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